Three Rottweilers abandoned without food and left to die πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

Walking into an abandoned property with three #Rottweilers is like walking into the coliseum because you just don't know what to expect, but the warrior of #HopeForPaws - JoAnn Wiltz and Alex Babcock were fearless and did just that! Armed with cheeseburgers, they walked into the arena and lived to tell the story βš”οΈπŸ›‘οΈ This is the first video for 2022 and many more will follow. I hope you will join our army with a New Year's Resolution of becoming a Hope For Paws supporter here: For just $5 a month, you can fight with us, and [...]


Three dogs were dumped on the street by their owner. OMG, watch until the end!!!

IF YOU ARE BLOCKED, PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Please donate $5 to help us save more lives: To adopt this amazing trio, please contact: We received a text on the Hope For Paws emergency line telling us that a person drove to a neighborhood, threw out three dogs as well as a bag of bread in order for them to "survive". It is clear that both females, Nessie and Dee-Dee recently had puppies, and the owner probably felt like he got what he needed from them and so he dumped them along with the [...]


Ark: The Volcano: S03E04: REX TAMING!!!

Hey Guys, Today we tame ourselves a rex! If you have any questions or want to see other videos, please let me know in the comments section or a message! If you are interested in playing on the server, let me know and I can get you an invite. Mods List: Configurable Difficulty Castles Keeps and Forts Haven Behemoth Walls and Gates Auto Torch Death Recovery Egg and Poop Collector Omnicular Perfect Hair Skin Mod Seven's Mini Tweaks Pet Finder Stackable Foundations Sleepy Time Tranqs Rotten Box Structures Plus Platforms Plus Stack Me More ORP2 - Offline Raid [...]


Tell Us The Mission (Accomplished) Robert Greenwald and Steven Connell join forces to remember May 1st, 2003: "Mission Accomplished" day. ABOUT BRAVE NEW FILMS Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films (BNF) are at the forefront of the fight to create a just America. Greenwald and BNF create free documentary films that inform the public, challenge corporate media, and motivate people to take action on social issues nationwide. Brave New Films’ investigative films have shined a light on the Trump administration, voter suppression, U.S. drone strikes, the prosecution of whistleblowers, and Wal Mart’s corporate practices. BNF's mission is to champion social justice issues [...]


Articles – a, an, the | English | Grade-2,3 | TutWay |

#Articles This video is part of a playlist having the following videos. Watch all of them in sequence for a better learning experience. Enjoy learning :) Video no.1 Articles – a, an, the Video no.2 Determiners- Articles, Demonstratives And Possessives (Part 1) This video covers the following topics: Articles Usage of β€˜a’ Usage of β€˜an’ Usage of β€˜the’ This video explains what are articles in the English language ('a', 'an', 'the')and the basic rules of using these articles. A lot many examples are there in the video for better understanding. I hope you liked our video. [...]


Critter Crusades presents Jennifer Pryor of Pryor's Planet

Missy Woodward of Critter Crusades interviews Jennifer Pryor of Pryor's Planet about her involvement with animal rescue and welfare. Pryor's Planet is a 501c3 organization that was founded by Jennifer and Richard Pryor shortly before his death. His love for animals and his fight against injustice are the basis for Pryor's Planet. Please visit and Produced by Jeff Fleiss, Founder of Animal and Doggy TV and Missy Woodward. source


Oh Look!!! A NEW BOX!!! Oh what shall we do?

The Crew aka Miss Pywacket & Mr. Binx have the answer!!! Meet Miss Pyewacket (Red Caller) & Mr. Binx (Blue Caller) rescued from the local city shelter 90 days ago on 4/29/2015 by the Furry Paws Foundation, Inc. aka The Kylie Jean Rescue And Adoption Center. Both are currently in foster at our local shelter and available for adoption. For details please following the links below. Miss Pyewacket: Mr. Binx: You can also show your support by making a donation via: Help A Furry Friend In Need by making a Donation today via Don't forget [...]


LOTD Wet'n Wild Lipstick in "Black Orchid" – SimbaBella Story – Cutie – Lunch Lady! 6-18-13

The story of when I called the shelter to ask about SimbaBella, the Russian Blue Mix and other stuff... FACE: Sephora Nano Eyeliner - Azure Blue Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara - Very Black L'Oreal Visuelle Powder Blush - Bayberry source


Rescuing dogs (a mom & her daughter) – Part 1 out of 2 (by Eldad Hagar)

Please make a small donation: Kaya & Kali need to go to the vet, but without the funds, we can't make the appointment. Please share this video on your facebook, twitter, myspace and blog so we can reach as many people as possible. If every viewer you will bring will donate just $1, we'll be able to pay for all their needs. Thank you so much! Eldad p.s. here is Queenie and BudBud's video: #HopeForPaws #DogRescue #DogVideos source