Reactive Dog tune up

A have a client who needed a tune up with her dog in off leash situations around other dogs, so we are starting with some foundation work..Nervous human and nervous dog with a history of some fighting so it is important that everyone has the skills to have full off leash control of the dog. This was the first session and both did very well. You can see the nervousness in both and the more work that is done the more the nervous energy disappears. Jeff Gellman Solid K9 Training 401-527-6354 Subscribe *********FOLLOW ME********** Web Facebook [...]


Cricket for Adoption (ADOPTED 4/18/12!!)

**My foster dog Cricket has been adopted as of 4/18/12!!** I actually like this video, while I was making it I was like "this is going to suck" but it ended up pretty good. Cricket rocks at being epic ;) This video was fun to make, because i used more effects than i normally do. Some of you may not like that but I was just trying something different and I decided to use this different style on Cricket, because I had more time since she's not in danger of being put to sleep. I am fostering this [...]