Jessica gives the final update for the You Can Do this Campaign. As of August 28, 2012 you have shattered our goal by raising $55,000! Thank you from everyone at What You Can Do, The Animal Rescue Site and The Petfinder Foundation. Because of you thousands of pets have a better shot at finding a forever home.

And thank you for proving that it only takes one minute to change the world.

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The Animal Rescue Site, Petfinder Foundation and What You Can Do Present – The You Can Do This Campaign to raise $50,000 in 50 days $5 at a time.

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Starring – Jessica Arinella
Shot by – Amanda Blohm
Edited and Directed by- Alicia Arinella
Produced by – On the Leesh Productions Inc.

Special Thanks to – Rosemary Jones, Rian Cool, and Colin Howells, and everyone at the GreaterGood Network, Lisa Salisbury, Noah Horton and everyone at the Petfinder Foundation, Mary Zelda & Daisy Micari, Melissa and Lola Jernigan, Nikki Burns, Tigger, Tigra, Cody, Giz, Ally, Peppermint, Smokey and Silver, Colleen Slattery & Rocket, Ashley, Katie and Savannah Kaufman, Amanda and Bisbee Balamenti, Lauren, Patti and Riley Peck, Shannon Chloe and Mojo Degrote, Ty and Tip Robson, Wes Hernie, Maddie and Wrigley Blohm, Noah Diamond, Brooklyn and Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry Tucker and Annabel Peress, Carrie, Roxy Gypsy and Scout Dodd, Joanne and Otis George, Christina Clifford Termini and Cain, Rhiannon Bacon, Jane Vallie Amdahl, Diana and Jackson Whitten, Samantha Schmidt, and Dennis Arinella.