Thanks for watching! Now, don’t ask me about the song, it just fit the video in some areas than others. But anyways, go to: to adopt your next fur-ever friend. Yes, pet stores have dogs available. Yes, some people have dogs they have for sale. But, there are other dogs looking for a home in areas, (your’s too). This website allows you to look at dogs available for adoption, and believe me, there are cuties out there! Ask for a dog that’s been there longest because they haven’t gotten that second chance that other dogs have. Every time there is someone about to adopt a dog at a shelter, there’s always one that gets passed by because of looks, or just because there’s an extremely cute one over in the other corner. If you’re looking to adopt a dog, make sure to look at all your options before you pick. I’ve seen dogs that have been available for a very long time. Possibly over a year now. A year! A dog without a home for that long! Give a dog a chance, look past the physical appearances. The cutest dog there may have been, well, the cutest dog there. And say it didn’t like you as much as it should. Then, when the plainest, ordinary-est dog alive could’ve been your soul mate pal. All I’m saying is, give a dog a second chance. I have. =)