I was pretty stunned when the owner told me over the phone he is going to “shoot the pig so he wouldn’t suffer”. From the picture, I could tell he was not dying and that he can definitely heal. Loreta Frankonyte and I drove out to the desert, met with Martina (who knew to call us for help). Working together and with a great tip from our friends at #LAAnimalRescue we accomplished the first #HopeForPaws pig rescue ❤️

We are about to celebrate our 13th Anniversary for Hope For Paws and I hope many more of you will be able join us as members in celebration of so many rescues: https://www.HopeForPaws.org

After the rescue, we drove to L.A. Animal Rescue who offered to foster him and follow through with his medical care. Plácido did lose most of his left ear, but if you’ll watch until the end, you’ll learn exactly how to give pigs belly rubs that they LOVE!

If you would like to adopt Plácido or Hank, if you would like to adopt a chicken or a duck, please contact our friends at: https://www.LAAnimalRescue.org

Thank you so much for your support!!!