Logan waits for his turn to go home

And waits and waits.

For 5 long years Logan has watched his playmates leave the shelter one by one, headed to their forever homes. There have been many playmates over the years because Logan loves other dogs and loves to play with dogs, with people, with toys, he isnt picky.

Logan (est. birth date 1/06) came to us a skinny stray puppy. Life on the streets left him untrusting and frightened. He is afraid of being approached suddenly or grabbed suddenly by people he does not know and trust, and put in this situation Logan may react defensively. For this reason, Logan needs a home without children. He needs patient and gentle guidance that assures him that he is safe and everything will be ok. It can take some time for him to warm up and let his guard down. But when he does, he will be your friend for life.

After years of life at the shelter, Logan has a lot of bottled up love to give. Logan is extremely affectionate with those he trusts. Chin rubs, belly rubs, ear scratches are received with gusto!

The Logan we know is silly, smart and quirky. A dog who likes to stop and smell the roses. Literally. Logan loves to take walks and is a great running partner – as long as it is not too hot outside in which case Logan prefers to lounge in the grass and sniff the flowers.

Logan loves to play tug of war and fetch, and in the absence of a playmate Logan is happy to throw toys in the air himself and pounce on them with enthusiasm. On car rides Logan is a perfect passenger, though you can count on a cold wet nose in your ear from time to time and a head on your shoulder when Logan gets sleepy.

Logan craves human companionship. On lucky occasions when he is able to spend time outside the shelter with a volunteer he will eventually nod off while sitting upright not wanting to lay down and miss a second of this wonderful world he wants so badly to be a part of.

But Logan is an optimist. While we volunteers fret about why such a great dog hasnt yet found his forever home, Logan stands by the door to his run wagging his tail, certain that anyone walking down the aisle with a leash MUST be coming to take him home! He is ready for his permanent playmateshis permanent homea place where he can relax and smell the roses.

Logan is a very lucky dog. His adoption fee is gifted by his sponsor.