Lefty is voicing her disapproval about being filmed. This beautiful Great Horned Owl came to STAR in 1995 with one wing and a damaged eye. She was about 2 years old. Since then, she has been one of our animal ambassadors, serving as both an education animal and a foster owl mom. Whatever Lefty needs we will provide. #shorts #owl #greathornedowl #Lefty #starfoundation #wildliferescue

Please remember that when you support STAR Foundation, you not only help the critters who come in to be patched up and returned to the wild, but you also help the sanctuary animals who would have no place to go if STAR was not here. All disabled animals require holding permits to keep them here, and providing lifelong care is a very long term commitment.

Keep these older animals in your thoughts at this time when we cannot be holding parties and picnics and events to raise funds to continue the mission. Please share their stories with your friends and donate what you can to keep the center open and to keep these animals safe in the only home they have.

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