PART 2 of this video:

Tomorrow we are celebrating the 13th anniversary of #HopeForPaws ❤️
We LOVE our work and that’s why we don’t mind working days, nights, weekends, and holidays. The only thing we ask for is your support so we can pay for the medical care needed for these animals.

For our 13th anniversary, I would like to share 13 ways for you to help us save lives and I really hope you can help us with one:

1. Become a Hope For Paws member with a monthly donation here: (you can also make a one-time donation).

2. Donate here on #YouTubeGiving on our anniversary campaign.

3. Donate CryptoCurrency here:

4. Add Hope For Paws to your Will that can be created for FREE here:

5. Make a stock donation:

6. Send a donation by check/money order. I open the mail personally and I love reading your cards with stories and photos of your pets. I will take a picture of a bunch of cards I just received and post it on our Instagram page:

Our mailing address:

Hope For Paws
8950 W. Olympic Blvd. #525
Los Angeles, CA 90211

7. Donate via Direct Transfer on PayPal:

8. Dedicate a gift and send a birthday card:

9. Add Hope For Paws to your Amazon Smile: (it is just critical to remember to start every engagement with Amazon by typing “”). We will receive 0.5% of your purchase, so for every $200 you spend, we will receive $1 for the animals. We would need millions of people to sign up for this in order to make a serious impact… let’s get this going 😎

10. Watch our videos – we get paid for these views, and the more we have, the more funds we will have for complex surgeries.

11. Share our videos – if every person will introduce just 3 new people who LOVE animals to our channel, we should be able to grow and save many more lives.

12. Start a Facebook campaign for your birthday and ask people to donate to our organization. It is so simple to create and will take less than a minute. Here is how to get it done:

13. Subscribe to our channel, like our videos, and comment to help us create engagement. This is your way to tell YouTube that you love our channel and they will promote it and help us reach new audiences. You can also download our Hope For Paws APP on the APP Store and on Google Play.

We would LOVE to do even more, but saving a lot more animals means a lot more expensive veterinary bills. I really hope you will join our team so together we can make this place a much better place.

Thank you so much!!!