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Vida Tuch followed Pipa for a long time and she knew to contact Hope For Paws for help. By the time I arrived at the location, Pipa was so tired and she fell asleep on an old mop. In my imagination, she was dreaming about her rescue and how her life turns to be amazing, and at the moment she woke up and I had a loop around her 🙂

After securing her, I asked her if she would join me on a rescue nearby before going to the hospital, and we went together to rescue Corey.

You will see what happens… just make sure to watch until the end to see a special technique to scratch your back.

If you would like to adopt Pipa (the dog), please contact our friends at Lionel’s Legacy: http://lionelslegacy.org

If you would like to adopt Corey, please contact Hope For Paws:



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