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To adopt Zoe and Meadow, please contact our friends from Shelter Hope Pet Shop who are now fostering them:

Hope For Paws was contacted by Vanessa Rosales about a scared dog who kept running away every time anyone approached her. The dog would always run into an enclosed property, and I asked Vanessa not to trespass and let us handle it.
When Lisa Chiarelli and I arrived, construction workers allowed us onto the property, and I highly doubted I would find her there because they were working and it was quite noisy.
To my surprise I spotted the dog (Zoe) and to my surprise I also found a puppy (Vanessa said it’s possible she had puppies recently, but she couldn’t confirm that because she had never seen puppies).
Lisa and I approached slowly, and I just knew that Zoe wouldn’t leave her baby – Meadow.
We asked the construction workers where are the other puppies (it’s unusual for a dog to just have one puppy), and they told us that 4 days prior to our arrival, kids had stolen the other 5 puppies. We asked if they knew where we could find these kids, but they had no idea.
Lisa and I sat with Zoe and Meadow for 30 minutes, gained their trust, and together we continued to the hospital for medical treatment.
A couple of days later, Zoe and Meadow continued to their foster home with Shelter Hope Pet Shop and they are now ready to be adopted 🙂

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Thanks 🙂


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