Thank you for your interest in the Animal Fund of America’s Foster Care Program. Animals that are not yet ready to be adopted are cared for by a network of volunteers who take them into their homes on a temporary basis. We are deeply grateful for the vital service provided by our foster families.  There are countless numbers of orphaned and abandoned animals in our city who are either too young or injured animals who cannot survive on their own and are in need of special care before being placed for adoption. For more information email us at We offer helpful tips on how you can care for rescued newborn kittens and puppies CLICK HERE.

The Animal Fund of America receives 100-200 requests per month for foster care. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of qualified foster families. We welcome volunteers.

Our dedicated team of Foster Care Parents provides temporary care for animals of all ages, sizes, and medical needs. Some need to be fostered for only a few days, while others may need extended care. Foster care is invaluable to these animals. We are continually seeking qualified Foster Parents. If you are interested in joining us, please complete the Foster Care Application. The Foster Care Coordinator will review each application   and contact all candidates.  AFA Foster Parents must be  21 years of age or older.

What animals are candidates for Foster Care?

Puppies:  Newborn to 6 weeks of age.

Kittens:  Newborn to 8 weeks of age.

Pregnant or Nursing Dogs and Cats.

Animals needing special care/treatment.

Older animals that have difficulty adapting to shelter life.

Older animals who have been at the shelter for a while, and who need help with socialization.

Important questions to consider before applying becoming a Foster Parent:

Will I have the time to spend with the foster animal?

Most foster animals need a great deal of quality time to socialize. Do you have the time and patience to clean up after the foster animal? Young animals can be very messy when they eat and potty.

Are you able to separate the foster animals from your own animals? 

Any foster animal under six weeks of age or a pregnant animal has not been give vaccinations. Although we believe the foster animal is healthy when we place her in foster care, they/them may be incubating an illness. We recommend you separate they/them from your own animals. All foster animals must be kept indoors (no garages, patios, sheds, etc).

Are you able to get to us quickly in an emergency?

It is the responsibility of the foster parent to monitor and report any signs or symptoms of illness. It may be necessary for the foster parent to bring the foster animal to us for an unscheduled appointment, or if after hours, to an emergency clinic with Foster Care Coordinator and Veterinarian approval.

Will you be able to bring the foster animal back at the end of the foster period? 

For some, this is the hardest part of fostering!

The Animal Fund of America works strictly on donations.

We provide all food and cat litter when available for all of the fostered animals. Our veterinarians will always provide you with the necessary medications, tests, or treatments needed for the fostered animals.

To foster an animal, you can sign up at our Adoption Center or print out the our Foster Care Application and email us