The inaugural event of the NYC Pet Show started on Saturday May 22nd 2010 at 11am. Cute Pet Gazette filmed the whole day. If you have been waiting for the ultimate pet business reality show…..wait till you see this group of wonderful pet vendors, companies, and pet celebrities all in one place.

Thanx again to Cesar Millan for being on our show. If you have the ability to give a pooch/cat a home….please do it today. Cesar promotes great efforts with North Shore Animal League at though the ability to save a dog or cat right now is in every town and shelter. Another site is A pooch/cat is waiting right now for your care and compassion!

Go to to get a subscription to his pet magazine. Highly recommended by CPG! Also at is a list of shelters and rescues in your area!

Thanx again to Elyse Kroll and everyone at CCK, the American Pet Products Association, Mass Media of Reno, and of course the Westminster Kennel Club and their Best in Show’s!!!

ps…….In all fairness Cesar Millan was there to see the fans….NOT a film crew. Hundreds of fans were turned away at the door even though Cesar was there for hours. This brief segment is for those unable to meet and greet Cesar that day….we were very lucky to have 7 seconds! He wanted to say thank you to everyone that showed that day and will see NYC again very soon. Thanx Cesar. Go to to see all the Cesar inspired products and toys especially the worldclass pet bedding.

The NYC Pet Show at is held in May in NYC every year. Go to their website and book tickets early. This show will sell out regardless of location or stars and celebs in attendance in NYC in May!

If you are a vendor become a member of the APPA today at