BB for “Big Boy” is a gorgeous and super sweet, 13 pound, declawed 7 year old Chocolate Point Siamese. He began coming up to a home begging for food around December 13th in the Magnolia Springs area. Declawed in front and his back claws were trimmed VERY short so he could not climb trees or defend himself and he was in a heavily wooded area with many predators. Thank heavens these kind-hearted souls gave us a call. We have posted him on Facebook and here on Petfinder as well. This baby had to have been loved. His getting outside could have been an accident, if so, I hope we find his owners, if not… we will find him a safe and loving inside only home. He is a treasure! So easy going. Loves attention and your lap. We will give him until January 13th and if no one has come forward (he has a very distinguishing features that only an owner would know about) and can prove he is theirs, we will find him a home. We are taking applications now since it has already been several weeks with no notices or interest. This boy deserves the best home ever!

If you are interested in adopting, please email us at and we will send you a link to our application form.