I try out To the Rescue!, a dog shelter management simulator created by a people who have worked at an animal shelter. As a shelter worker myself, I was rather doubtful that this game would capture what it’s like to work at an animal shelter. Despite some unrealistic aspects for the sake of gameplay, I was pleasantly and catharticly surprised at how well this game captures the stress and some of the rewarding feel it is to work at and run an animal shelter. I certainly didn’t expect to play this game for 7 hours straight!

I share my experiences as a shelter worker throughout this first impressions of the story mode. Warning: The Animal Welfare Industry can be a sensitive topic to discuss; view discretion is advised. And no, I don’t euthanize any dogs in this video.

If you’re curious about picking this game up, it’s available on Stream, I would recommend it with the caveat that it has a lot of bugs at the time of writing. However, know that 20% of Little Rock Games’ profits from all sales of To The Rescue! will be donated to The Petfinder Foundation:

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0:00 Story Mode and Chapomon’s Experience
1:10:54 Getting hired at Sunny Paws
2:24:00 Becoming a Director after 2 days
3:48:20 Week 2 of the new shelter
5:50:18 Week 3 like after three weeks

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